Ventilated Cargo Pants Workwear for Construction | EZ Breeze Co.
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Defeat the Heat

Designed with your comfort in mind

Don’t let the heat ruin your day. EZ Breeze ventilation pockets allow for hot air to flow out and cool air to flow in while you stand, walk, or work, providing you with a much needed refreshing breeze throughout  the entire work day.

Stay Flexible

Easy open/close flaps keep you cool when you want

Unlike other brands, EZ Breeze’s ventilation flaps can be opened or closed, making these the ideal work pants for any condition. Secure velcro linings keep air from leaving or entering when the flaps are shut, while a mesh screen keeps unwanted debris from entering and allows cool air to circulate when open.

Wear Again & Again

Durability you can count on

Whether you’re out paving roads or building houses, these pants are sturdy enough to handle it all with ease.

Work Smarter, Not Hotter.